Can you feel Summer in the air?! That need of freedom, that irresistible sensation to open your house door and go: easy, wild! Exactly this inspired May Gambettes Box! Sunny days, Summer knocking at the door, you really don’ t want to wear heavy clothings or collants anymore, right?!

If you follow me, you know that, with Gambettes Box, every month, directly from the charming Paris to your mailbox, you’ ll receive, at seriously little price, a couple of cute collants. The boxes are born from collaborations with other designers or, as said, take inspo from the current weather season rather than from a specific theme. So, what about May Box?! It’ s something really different: no collants, but…

Housed in a super cute iuta pouch we have 3 pairs of socks!!! Yeah!!! Perfection!!!

Beautiful to wear with sandals, flats but also sneackers. No rules, mix and match, let your creativity go!

  • The Break: Black polka dot socks, 17D

  • Smash: Black delicate socks with a silver band, 17D

  • Avantage: Sparkly evergreen fashion socks, 65D

Love, love Gambettes Box! Take a look at their website to know more about!

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xoxo Chiara 💋



  1. 29 May 2018 / 13:11

    I FRIGGIN LOVE SOCKS!!!!!!!!! I would so be on board with this box!

  2. 30 May 2018 / 4:37

    So cute! I have a weird attraction to socks. On a stressful day, it feels really good to come home and put on some new, never work, never washed yet socks! It makes me happy!

  3. 30 May 2018 / 5:44

    These are so cool and so much different than other boxes!

  4. 30 May 2018 / 19:09

    I’m a firm believer that you cannot have too many socks! Especially when they’re this cute

  5. 30 May 2018 / 20:55

    The socks are my favorite! I love the polka dot ones. They’re too cute.

  6. 1 June 2018 / 12:26

    Those are so adorable, I love them all. I wear socks daily and would definitely love some of these.

  7. Kiwi
    1 June 2018 / 22:46

    I like this Gambettes Box. Its is so chic and classic with a little bit of modern for an extra flair.

  8. 4 June 2018 / 10:54

    These socks are all so much fun! I love that you can try different ones. I haven’t yet seen a subscription box for socks, so this is awesome!

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