The 2017 is finally ending and is time to think about a new agenda! So, I’ m here to present you my little jewel, my new Smythson Panama Diary! If you are a stationery addicted like me, you can perfectly understand: choosing a new agenda means finding the right trusty companion that will help your mind for 365, sometimes 366 days. Warning: this is not a joke, seriously, ahah!

The size of the Smythson Panama Diary is perfect to fit in the palm of my hand and in every bag, I can carry it everywhere. I’ ll use it mainly to write important dates and to-do-lists. I chose the one in black textured-leather, week-to-view layout, black interior silk pocket to store documents such as extra cards. Comes with a removable little address book insert and has an attached grosgrain bookmark. And what about these gold edges?! I just love them, simply chic! I got mine personalized with skull & crossed bones: yes, danger, it’ s very personal, of course!

It’ s so lightweight, pratical, durable, sleek looking and discreet. Starts from the 20 November 2017, next week, can’ t wait to use it! Here it is compared with my 2017 agenda, the Soho Diary by Smythson.

As you can see the Soho is bigger, half diary is for notes and that’ s why I went to the Panama for 2018. I have lot of important things already wrote in my 2017 that I’ ll need in 2018 too, and lot of space left for notes. So I’ ll use this little skulled beauty only to sign in new appointments! If you are interested on the Soho, or simply curious to read more about it, click here and take a look at my review.

And you Guys, are you agenda addicted like me? Do you prefer to write old-style on fashinating paper, or do you use something like your smartphone’ s calendar? Let me know!

xoxo AgentChiara 😎


  1. 15 November 2017 / 16:51

    how sleek and professional looking is this! despite the advancement in technology, handy planners like this is still very useful!

  2. 15 November 2017 / 19:46

    This looks like a cool diary. I prefer to type, but sometimes I do like to write.

  3. 15 November 2017 / 20:36

    I love to write when I’m making notes. I find it easier to put my thoughts down onto paper as opposed to the computer.

  4. Jen Walker
    15 November 2017 / 21:10

    I generally write to do lists an appointments on a dry erase board, but I really need to switch back to using an agenda planner again. This is really cute and I like the skull on yours!

  5. Claudia Krusch
    16 November 2017 / 1:46

    I love to write in my diary. I will have to get the Smythson Panama Diary. I love the look of the cover.

  6. 16 November 2017 / 2:35

    I do not keep a diary but jot down significant things in my planner. I haven’t shopped for a planner yet but need to sooner rather than later.

  7. Quan
    16 November 2017 / 3:01

    Sleek and the perfect size. Looks like the perfect design

  8. 16 November 2017 / 3:02

    That looks great… I love to write in my diary… This would also be a great gift idea for this holiday season 😀

  9. Ruth I.
    16 November 2017 / 3:17

    What a beautiful agenda! The half diary is my fave and it’s also the perfect size! I need to keep something like this in my purse to keep up with my busy schedule!

  10. 16 November 2017 / 3:18

    What a cute, compact diary – perfect for fitting into your purse, backpack or carry-on luggage piece. I am a pen-and-paper girl, so I really love this little book.

  11. Hannah Marie
    16 November 2017 / 6:53

    I would be so lost without my planner! I use it mainly for grocery lists, but it’s also used to jot down notes or phone numbers so they’re always right there when I need them!

  12. 16 November 2017 / 7:03

    I am a sucker for a good diary and have already purchased my 2018 one, this one is gorgeous for sure

  13. Kiwi
    16 November 2017 / 21:15

    I love that it is called the Smythson Panama diary because literally Panama is my second home. I am a journaler but I should do it more consistently.

  14. 17 November 2017 / 0:49

    I love using a paper calendar! There is nothing like feeling the paper! I should switch over to an app but I just love my paper calendars!

  15. Blair villanueva
    17 November 2017 / 4:45

    This diary looks mysterious. I like that it is small and no hassle to bring anywhere.

  16. 18 November 2017 / 1:05

    That is a really cute gift idea. I would love it for myself as well!

  17. 19 November 2017 / 17:46

    This looks really cool. I can’t believe 2018 is almost here.

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