A rainy night, a comfortable sofa, a vegetarian pizza, maybe fruits, chips or peanuts, a led tv and cola-zero, a couple of English Setter on your six-pack (!), ready?! Our BINGE-WATCH can start. Always 120 minutes at least, till the sunrise sometimes, ahahahah!

What are our favorite? Here is our TOP SIX:
6) THE WALKING DEAD.We started our tv series obsession with this one. We found it very particular and we hope it won’ t be prophetic. Last season disappointed us: it was seriously boring. But now we are waiting for the war… if it will finally start 😀 .

5) 12 MONKEYS.The plot is very interesting and original, we love the idea of  the time machine. We need it: absolutely!

4) THE FOLLOWING.Nice and full of action and suspence. A good interpretation by Kevin Bacon. FIRED after 3 seasons 🙁

3) LIMITLESS.As for the time machine’ s one, we absolutely need NZT pills.

2) SUPERNATURAL.We found the Winchester’ s histories funny and charming. Sometimes, against some negative people, we thought to call Sam and Dean, we searched on Google for their phone number… but we had no luck! Someone can help us?!

1) DEXTER.Yes, the winner is…? DEXTER. Unfortunately it was fired by SHOWTIME after “only” 8 seasons. We can’ t understand why: a tight cast, a nice plot, good episodes.
It’ s difficult to find a tv series that we like as much as Dexter. We hope for a return!

Do you have some Tv series to suggest us? Please, need help!!!

xoxo AgentAngelo 😎


  1. 19 September 2017 / 12:58

    Hands up I totally agree with you on all of these, such a great round up of exciting, edge of your seat shows to watch.

  2. 19 September 2017 / 15:23

    I really liked the first several seasons of Dexter, but the last two felt kinda meh to me. I definitely still enjoy Supernatural and re-view episodes on Netflix often!

  3. 19 September 2017 / 15:48

    I did like the walking dead in the beginning, but then switched to Dexter. Great list btw, will definitely be sharing with my friends.

  4. 19 September 2017 / 16:03

    I can’t wait for the new series of TWD to come out. I always buy them on Amazon because I miss them on TV most of the time I’m too impatient to wait for them on Netfix. I’m going to have to check out your other series as well. I’m not familiar with them.

  5. 19 September 2017 / 16:15

    You nailed all my hubby favorites. I can’t believe this, these are the only shows he watches. He usually binge watch during his vacation. But supernatural he watch it every week. He will get a kick out of your post and maybe I might enjoy some off these shows with him, lol.

  6. 19 September 2017 / 17:53

    Love your recommendations! I haven’t seen 12 Monkeys, but based on the others I know I’m going to love it! Thanks!

  7. Anne Yedlin
    19 September 2017 / 20:06

    I loved watching Dexter, creepy but a great show. Supernatural is another great one. I have to admit though, I haven’t been able to bring myself to watching The Walking Dead. All my family thinks I’m crazy but it is what it is lol

  8. Akamatra
    20 September 2017 / 8:09

    Would you be shocked if I’d told you I haven’t watched any of these series? And I am not going to cause I really hate violence in films.

  9. 20 September 2017 / 20:46

    Supernatural will always be one of my favorites. I’ve watched every season and can’t wait for the 13th one!

  10. Rebecca Swenor
    21 September 2017 / 20:16

    Okay these are all great tv series to watch. I have literally been binge watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. The weekends is when I binge watch Netflix. Thanks for sharing the information.

  11. 22 September 2017 / 13:56

    I haven’t seen either !! 🙁 I am not big into watching TV. I really should watch this show.

  12. 24 September 2017 / 18:11

    My fave tv series are Empire, gossip girl, an I would say power but I haven’t watched the last few seasons.

  13. 25 September 2017 / 18:42

    I haven’t heard of Monkeys, I’ll have to check it out. Dexter is really awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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