Omg, there are so many things I would love to buy for myself for this Summer, but obviously I have to reduce my wishlist to few items… few but good ones!

Saint Laurent Medium College Bag. Black leather, black hardware. If you follow me, you know I am the proud owner of another YSL College Bag, but with antique silver hardware. I love her to death, she’s about a year old now, but in great like new conditions, the quality is truly amazing. I am wearing nothing but her, other bags seems to no more reach my heart. I just adore this style, but I want something less flashy and the black hardware is the right choice. Goes with everything, looks so minimal and chic at my eyes, even more than the one with silver hardware that I already own. She is sometimes too much, the silver YSL logo is a completely turn eyes and, depending on my mood or situations, I want to have the option to choose to be more in “incognito”! I can’t wait to buy this beauty!

Chanel Cat-Eye Sunglasses, simple and clean design, pure perfection.

Superga Full Black Sneackers. Having 3 dogs means I walk a lot during my days. Need comfortable, lightweight yet stylish sneackers for hotter days!

Lace Bralettes. I have a soft spot for them: delicate and sexy at the meantime, as a plus AgentAngelo is happy… ahaha, yes… you know… need a couple more of them.

Clinique Fresh Pressed. Running out of this magic powder, have to restock. If you want to know more about its wonders, read my review here.

Nails Inc + Victoria Beckham, Bamboo White nail polish. I already had a bottle of it in the past and want to rebuy. A  beautiful glossy pinkish white nude that looks amazing on bronzed skin.

And you, do you have a Summer wishlist? Something you want to absolutely buy? Let me know!

xoxo AgentChiara 😎

To know more about my wishlist look at this widget!


  1. 29 June 2017 / 7:10

    The bag is gorgeous! i love the bralette and the sunglasses! TOo bad I don’t need any as I just bought myself two pairs. but that bralette… xx corinne

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 13:25

      Corinne, I can’t wait to get my hands on this bag, the black hardware is literally calling me!

  2. 29 June 2017 / 10:13

    It’s the first time in ages when I feel like shopping for myself. I need sunglasses too and a coupLe of cool outfits.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 13:31

      If I don’t keep my wishlist to the minimum I would be lost… there are so many pretty things to eventually buy!

  3. The Playful Parent
    29 June 2017 / 12:53

    After googling this topic, I came upon your post. This is just what I needed; thank you for sharing these fashionable styles for summer . I think I’m going to have to purchase that purse

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 13:32

      Buy it, it’s so beautiful!

  4. 29 June 2017 / 13:53

    What a fabulous summer wishlist! I love that gorgeous black handbag. On my own wishlist are more off-the-shoulder tops, beautiful sandals and large sterling silver hoop earrings. I hope you check everything off your list this season. Hooray for shopping!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 13:34

      Ahah yeah! Your wishlist is really interesting, all perfect summer essential items, hope you buy all too!

  5. Helene Cohen Bludman
    29 June 2017 / 14:37

    Love, love, love the bag. That style will never go out of fashion.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:25

      I agree!

  6. 29 June 2017 / 14:56

    Those Chanel Cat-Eye Sunglasses are ADORABLE! I have never seen glasses this shape! Definitely need to get me a pair!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:29

      I particularly love how simple yet sophisticated they look!

  7. 29 June 2017 / 15:04

    What some lovely ideas to have on your wishlist, I am personally loving the bag and sunglasses, I could add both of those to my wishlist now.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:30

      They both are my favorite items!

  8. 29 June 2017 / 16:00

    Sunglasses are always a must on my summer list. I usually pick mine up at the dollar store though because I break mine so easily.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:31

      Sad story… I often break mine too… grrr!

  9. Jay
    29 June 2017 / 17:35

    I have that YSL bag and it has become a staple in my closet!! I love the leather and its a little edgier which i love 🙂

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:33

      It’s amazing, I love mine so much, that’s why I want a second one in a different color combo!

  10. 29 June 2017 / 17:52

    Many of these things would be on my wishlist too! I love the Saint Laurent Medium College Bag. It can go with any outfit for any occasion!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:36

      For me this bag is true perfection: beautiful, easy to carry and yes, goes with everything!

  11. colleen wool
    29 June 2017 / 19:12

    These look like amazing products. I especially liked the purse.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:37

      Yes, it’s so pretty!

  12. 29 June 2017 / 19:21

    This all looks like great stuff. I’d want that bag. The sunglasses look fun too.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:41

      These sunglasses are so pretty! I’m searching for them everywhere, I want them in total black and are hard to find…

  13. 29 June 2017 / 19:27

    So many good items to choose from. As a guy, I will keep my favorite to myself! LOL

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:43

      Ahah Peter, the Clinique powder cleanser would be great for a man too!

  14. 29 June 2017 / 20:34

    Where are my tiny boob girls at! I love bralettes and it’s the only thing that makes me happy to have small breasts. <3

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:44

      Ahah Gloria, bralettes are so cute!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:45

      Thanks Ophelia!

  15. Ali Rost
    30 June 2017 / 7:00

    What an incredible summer wish list! I would especially love to try the Victoria Beckham, Bamboo White nail polish and Clinique’s Fresh Pressed Powder Cleanser. I don’t have much on my wish list this summer .. maybe just a good book and some extra hours in the day to relax

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:47

      More time to relax is always good, especially during hotter days!

  16. 30 June 2017 / 7:17

    In love with the Cat Eye glasses. Clinique Fresh Pressed this is really new for me.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      9 July 2017 / 15:50

      The Clinique’ s cleanser is such a great product, try it!

  17. 30 June 2017 / 8:34

    What a super wishlist! Loving the look of those sunglasses!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      14 July 2017 / 14:35

      So pretty!

  18. 30 June 2017 / 18:42

    I love that all black Saint Laurent bag! I’m such a fan of Saint Laurent, their bags are always the best. I love their college series!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      14 July 2017 / 14:36

      Eheh I’m completely addicted to this bag!

  19. 30 June 2017 / 21:24

    What a great wishlist! The Chanel cat eye sunglasses is my favorite.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      14 July 2017 / 14:46

      They’ re so pretty!

  20. blair villanueva
    1 July 2017 / 8:10

    Oh my i love your choice of lace bralette! Yey you gave me idea what to diy next weekend.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      14 July 2017 / 14:47

      These by Anine Bing are my favorite ever: so delicate and pretty!

  21. Megan
    3 July 2017 / 17:59

    Those sunglasses have my name all over them! All really great picks, and now I’m really interested in trying that Clinique Fresh Pressed!.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      14 July 2017 / 14:48

      Clinique Fresh Pressed is amazing, literally changed my beauty routine and my skin, love love love it!

  22. Elizabeth O
    4 July 2017 / 10:13

    The sneakers are on my wish list this summer. They are stylish, comfy and can be worn year round. I love summer clothing too.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      14 July 2017 / 14:49

      I am always on the go, sneackers are a must for me, in every season!

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