During the last months I found myself wearing, more and more, nude nail polishes. I simply love how they look: minimalist, chic and easy to match with every outfit. I tested so many shades of nude to find the ones that suit better my skintone and my mood. Here are my top 5:

  • Nails Inc, collaboration with Alice & Olivia, Next to Nothing. An universally flattering pinky nude. Glossy finish. 2 coats to reach full coverage.
  • Dior, 112 Minimal. Limited edition from Fall 2016, Skyline Collection. A pale nude with peachy undertones. Glossy finish. With 2 coats full coverage.
  • Chanel, 504 Organdi. A nude pink, neutral-cool undertones. Glossy. 2 coats.
  • Chanel, 625 Secret. The perfect nude, light pink undertones. Glossy. 3 coats.
  • Chanel, 542 Pink Rubber. Limited edition from the Collection Libre Synthetic, Winter Holiday 2016. The palest shade of pink with a matte finish. Perfect with 2 coats. For clean and fresh nails.

Wearing today: Chanel Pink Rubber, the matte one.

For this Summer are going to be released interesting shades of nude/neutral, from many brands. I’ll sure take a look and let you know!

xoxo AgentChiara 😎

Beauty I love:


  1. 12 May 2017 / 14:53

    I don’t wear much nude nail polish. I kinda never thought of it to be honest. I always wear super bright strong colors. But these colors look amazing. The Dior one must be my fav! thanks for sharing! xx corinne

  2. 12 May 2017 / 16:34

    I need an upate on my nail colors expecially for the summer. I’ll be looking into these!

  3. 12 May 2017 / 18:30

    I’ve recently become obsessed with nude shades. OMG I’ve got to try some of these.

  4. 12 May 2017 / 19:12

    These are all so pretty! The colors are gorgeous.

  5. 12 May 2017 / 19:52

    I really want to try that Chanel Pink! I am so in love with nude colors so I love all of these options!

  6. 13 May 2017 / 0:16

    I love nude/pink colours! Subtle but effective.

  7. Tiara Wilson
    13 May 2017 / 3:07

    I’m a huge nail person. I do not like bright, spring/summer colors. I like my nudes. Brown nudes, light pinks and light creamy colors.

  8. 13 May 2017 / 5:24

    I love nude colors they are always so classic. Bright colors are also great but your right with nude you can pair it with pretty much anything.

  9. 13 May 2017 / 17:32

    Cute. I don’t wear nailpolish at all, but you do a great job!

  10. 14 May 2017 / 1:06

    I love the color you’re wearing! Pink Rubber looks good on you 🙂

  11. Lindsay A Tullar
    14 May 2017 / 18:30

    oooo I am REALLY digging that Dior Minimal color. I have wanted to try nude nails but I realize I just need vibrancy. Like obnoxious colors!!!

  12. 14 May 2017 / 18:35

    I love the nude nail polish trend but I don’t have any in my collection. I’ll definitely have to check out some of these colors! So pretty!

  13. 14 May 2017 / 20:10

    I LOVE these shades! I have recently become obsessed with nude nail polish tones. Do they wear well? For some reason, almost no brands stick to my nails for longer than 12 hours.

  14. Ra'Nesha
    15 May 2017 / 3:00

    I love these shades of polish very nice and professional nothing too flashy.

  15. 15 May 2017 / 10:31

    Loving these shades so much! I am not great with colour on my nails so these are perfect

  16. 15 May 2017 / 12:18

    I only wear nude shades. I do not like colors. I love the colors you have chosen they are exactly what I love to wear.

  17. Elizabeth O.
    15 May 2017 / 19:40

    There was a time that I was all over the nude shades from lipsticks to nail polishes and it would have been awesome to have this post as a guide. I am loving all the shades from these brands!

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