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I have already spoken with you about Linda Rodin and her amazing beauty company, showing one of their cult product: Olio di Lusso Cream and how much I love it here 

So today I want to let you know about another Rodin’s must have: the Facial Cleansing powder.

As you can see it comes in a clear glass bottle, with a plastic cap. In it 22 g of powder. As always the Rodin’s packaging, all black and white, is minimal and chic. And what about that little cute white cotton and black embroidered face towel? So lovely, soft and useful.

The powder itself is white and finely milled. The formula is a mix of Rice Bran, Sea Alga and of course the Rodin’s signature Jasmine and Neroli scent.

Simple and intuitive to use: put a little amount of powder in damp hands, add little water and massage onto face. For a more exfoliating effect use more powder and less water. Then rinse your face with water and pat dry with towel.

As a result your skin will be cleaner and purest day by day, softer and smoother, glowing on its own!

I personally love how simple and fast to use is this powder: my skin is very sensitive and I had no problems at all, plus the smell is something seriously wonderful!

So dear Miss Rodin, for me this product is another big YES!

xoxo AgentChiara 😎


  1. robin Rue
    29 March 2017 / 13:33

    Wow, that cleansing power sounds awesome. I want to try it out for myself now 🙂

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:24

      Yes, it’s definitely something to try!

  2. Jessica Taylor
    29 March 2017 / 14:39

    Ive never used a facial POWDER before! sounds awesome!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:23

      It is!

  3. 29 March 2017 / 15:21

    The packaging on this product is very appealing to me. I like the simplistic, classic look of it. Nice gift items for sure! Thanks so much.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:22

      Yes, would be a really nice gift!

  4. 29 March 2017 / 15:29

    I love wonderfully scented products and would love to try this. My skin is also sensitive but I’m encouraged by the fact that you didn’t have any problems with this.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:22

      The product is really gentle on the skin, yes perfect for sensitive ones!

  5. 29 March 2017 / 16:05

    This looks really cool. I have not seen facial powder before. At least not to clean your face.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:21

      Ahah it’s true, this is a different concept of cleanser!

  6. 29 March 2017 / 16:18

    I have oily skin so I love any powder based products!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:19

      Would be perfect!

  7. 29 March 2017 / 18:59

    Never heard of this brand, not have I see a facial powder before. It sounds great for oily skin!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:19

      Yes it is! You can adjust the amount of powder as your skin needs!

  8. 29 March 2017 / 19:44

    These look like some great products! I need to try them out.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:17

      Seriously something to try if you are curious about, they are really amazing!

  9. 29 March 2017 / 19:51

    I have never heard of this brand, but it looks amazing. I love new skin care, and I am always down to try new things.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:15

      This is a truly great company, I have never been disappointed by their products!

  10. 29 March 2017 / 21:22

    I’ve never seen a product like this before – so cool! I love the classic style of the packaging too. I’ll have to look into finding something like this to try.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:13

      It’s an interesting and effective concept for sure!

  11. 29 March 2017 / 23:18

    Off late, been hearing about the awesome properties of rice bran, and sea age is always a valuable ingredient. Love the minimalist, apothecary styled look!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:12

      Yes, ingredients are sure great. I love the packaging for the same reason!

  12. 30 March 2017 / 0:58

    This is something new that I would like to try. A great but simple idea.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:10

      It’s true!

  13. Elizabeth O.
    30 March 2017 / 5:27

    I don’t think I’ve ever used a cleansing powder on my face before. I’m am curious about this product and I’d love to give it a try!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:10

      It’s definitely an interesting product to try!

  14. 30 March 2017 / 5:33

    I love that it’s easy to use. It’s sounds really great and I’m sure it will work well on my skin. I love that it’s in powder form too.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:09

      Easy and fast, so worry free!

  15. 30 March 2017 / 7:12

    I’m always on the lookout for new skin products, this might just be my new one to try!

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:08

      It’s sure an interesting product!

  16. blair villanueva
    30 March 2017 / 7:41

    Wow i would like to try them too. I heard that rodin is one of the best.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:08

      It’s amazing, so gentle on the skin!

  17. Angela Zimsky
    30 March 2017 / 7:55

    I find this product to be very interesting. I love taking care of my skin so I will have to look into this.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:07

      Yes, definitely something diffent to try!

  18. 30 March 2017 / 9:38

    This is cool that you found such great ingredients for your skin. Hope everything works well.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:06

      Yes David, it’s perfect for my skin!

  19. 30 March 2017 / 14:36

    this is innovative, never heard about cleansing powder. How I would love to try it to see how it differs from the usual cleansers.

    • Agentszerozerosetter
      30 March 2017 / 16:05

      They are more intuitive to use, you can choose the cleansing power adjusting the quantity of powder/water!

  20. Megan
    30 March 2017 / 16:57

    I’ve never heard of a cleansing powder! I like the concept that you can kind of change the ratio depending on how your skin is that day!

  21. 30 March 2017 / 22:02

    I would love the secret to brighter clearer skin so you can count me in. The rodin facial cleansing powder looks perfect for me x

  22. 31 March 2017 / 7:38

    Sounds like a super product! It’s great when you find something new you really like, isn’t it.

  23. 1 April 2017 / 3:42

    I’ve never seen powder cleansing powder before. It looks so easy to use. So glad that you liked it. I’m intrigued to check it out.

  24. 2 April 2017 / 3:29

    Oooooo I e never heard of RODIN FACIAL CLEANSING POWDER before but it does sound pretty fabulous!!! Definitely need to get my hands on a bottle

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